I Should Be Packing…

Tomorrow I’m traveling 6000 miles and while I should be packing with gusto, I am sitting on the floor of my bedroom watching old Felicity episodes (yeah, real old) and “thinking” about what I should bring back home to Europe. Being that I’m in my bedroom at my parent’s house, there’s too much to choose from. Most of my stuff is here since I’ve lived all over the world at this point and never fully moved out. I always think that somehow the 50 pound limit on a suitcase is going to allow for evvveeerrryyythhiinngg. And, well, it’s not. Most Christmas presents are staying behind.

So back to making choices… bleh!

am making room for plenty of books though. Wonderbook will be coming, as well as some of the research books for my novel that I left behind last trip. And pretty much any of my 500+ books that I can squeeze into my suitcases will be coming along. And then I’ll pack, take things out, weigh the suitcase, take things out, weigh the suitcase, take things out, weigh the suitcase, until I get to the 49.5 pound mark. For now I just throw everything in the bag. Then when it says 80 pounds, I’ll cry and start eliminating. Such is life with every trip home.
But the good news is that I am going to have a real home in the next couple of years. Then I’ll pull up the U-Haul and officially move. Yippee!

And the other awesome news is that I live close to the setting of my novel now so I couldn’t possible find more inspiration if I tried.

Not much writing today. It’s all about packing and organizing. All of my side writing jobs (helping my friend with her websites, social media I manage for another friend’s company and the two content companies) have binders full of info. so I still need to go through them and organize what’s coming back with me. This stuff is more important than clothes, shoes and toiletries. If I didn’t have to worry about this I’d have no stress at all.

Ok, enough procrastinating. Hopefully I can finish early enough to watch Blacklist tonight! Finally!! I can’t wait.


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